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Capital 4 Business Helps Emerging Enterprises Attract Investment Capital, in Return for a Share of Ownership

Welcome Business Owner,

For many years I was successfully involved in Investment Banking - with some of the biggest banks in the world. During that time I witnessed entrepreneurs and business owners like you approach these banks to raise capital. The vast majority would be turned away.not because their business or idea was not good or profitable enough .but because it was not large enough! You see, when you start talking with Investment Bankers (and Venture Capitalists for that matter).they are only really after the big deals where they can earn huge fees and profits.

So as a result, many great smaller businesses or great commercial ideas never reach their potential and often wither and die or take far longer to reach their potential than they could.

I've have also owned a number of successful businesses so I know first hand how difficult it can be to find capital to grow.

I know some of your frustrations. and I know how difficult it is to take a good business or idea and make it great. Without doubt, the single biggest constraint for all of us is access to Capital - Financial and Human.

I was so frustrated with the lack of alternatives to funding a growing business that I decided to try and find a better way - for myself and for others.

Now as a result of my years of business expertise and my knowledge of Investment Banking and Venture Capital I am able to help Business Owners like you set up a system that we call a Small Scale Offering which will allow you to replicate the process of how big business raises capital.

Here's the key to your capital raising success

As a Business Owner - one of your greatest challenges is attracting sufficient capital to be able to grow or expand your business. If you are like most other owners, your options are limited.

You Could:

  1. Use your Credit Cards.
  2. Approach Friends and/or Family to "lend" you the funds.
  3. Make an appointment with a Bank Manager and face the Spanish Inquisition.take your Business Plans, Forecasts, Tax Returns and Loan Statements and be prepared to surrender your home as security and sign Unconditional Guarantees - IF they will even approve the loan facility.
  4. Try and find a Business Angel - they are very difficult to find and then match with a particular business. getting capital from 'Angels' is not easy!
  5. Approach a Venture Capitalist - VC's are generally not interested in anything less then $5million and they will want a very large slice of equity. You will most likely lose control of your business.
  6. Try and "float" your business via an IPO (Initial Public Offering) on one of the listed Stock Exchanges - This is a very costly and time consuming exercise. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to 'test' the market- with no guarantee that you will raise even one cent.

Stock Exchanges - This is a very costly and time consuming exercise. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to 'test' the market- with no guarantee that you will raise even one cent

It is quite likely that you have already looked into or even tried some of these options - and perhaps had a degree of success, but for most people none of these alternatives really solve the problem adequately.

However, did you know..

That due to recent changes to legislation in Australia it is now possible - under certain circumstances for You to raise investment capital for your business in return for a share of ownership without the need to issue a Prospectus.

The Capital Raised in this way:

Many people think this sound to good to be true.....but it isn't really.

Thanks to these changes to the law it is now possible for YOU to raise investment capital for your business or business idea as long as you follow certain rules and guidelines that are laid down in the Corporations Act, 2001.

Firstly though, you should understand that it is Illegal for anyone to try and raise capital from the Public without issuing a costly and time Consuming Prospectus.

There are however a number of exemptions within the Corporations Act that will allow YOU to undertake a Capital Raising without the need to issue a Prospectus as long as you follow the rules and know what you are doing.

The penalties for breaking the rules are severe!

You could:

Would you really want to take that chance?

Capital 4 Business holds an Exemption under the Corporations Act, 2001 that allows us to help you raise up to $5 million in a rolling 12 month period without the need to issue a prospectus and without breaching the Fundraising Provisions of the Act.
Issuing a Prospectus is a very time consuming and costly exercise.

You will need to have an Accountant and Solicitor help you prepare the Prospectus - this can often take 6 to 12 months and cost you many tens of thousands of dollars. It is not uncommon for a Prospectus to cost a hundred thousand dollars or more to complete and register with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

With no guarantee that you will raise even one cent!

Capital 4 Business uses a unique, proven proprietary system that allows entrepreneurs like you to quickly and easily explore the potential of your business or business idea to attract investment capital initially without the need to issue a Prospectus

This system has been proven to be successful with a number of different business types over a diverse range of industries

The Capital 4 Business system has been developed so that:

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