SME Owners

Are you Looking to Raise Capital
to Grow or Expand your Business?

Raising capital to fund growth is one of the biggest
Challenges facing emerging growth enterprises

Your options are limited.

You could try a bank - if they will lend, they will require that you provide property as security for the loan, and there is only so much security you can provide. They will also want unconditional guarantees so you will have to put all of your assets at risk.

You could try a Venture Capitalist - they are extremely difficult to deal with and will usually not consider a deal below $5 million and if they do, they normally take a controlling interest in your business. Do you want to lose control?

Business Angels are very hard to find and match with a business. They will want active operational involvement in your business and often will want a controlling interest.

Imagine then being able to raise capital that is interest free to grow your business, that doesn't require you to put your home up as security, yet still allows you to maintain control and a majority shareholding in your small or medium sized business.

I am sure you will know what the ASX is.

After years of hard work, you can 'list' your company and sell part of your business at an attractive premium and accept capital raised from investors that doesn't bear interest and doesn't have to be paid back. Instead, you simply trade equity for cash and you use that cash to grow your business.

Unfortunately though for SME's, this just isn't possible. For starters you have to be able to afford several hundred thousand dollars (and sometimes over a million) just to go public and 'float' and then hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to comply with the Stock Exchange listing regulations.

Capital 4 Business can help to bridge the gap between SME's looking for growth capital and listing on a Stock Exchange.

Thanks to our capital raising strategies, and our experience and knowledge of what is required to be successful, you can replicate this process.

Your own "share holding" in your company makes you 'nominally' rich for the first time.

If you decide in the future to proceed to a listing and your company's issued shares are listed on an Exchange (like the NSX or ASX) you will be able to realize some of the substantial value that you have created in your business by selling parts of your shareholding to other investors.

This is exactly what well known entrepreneurs like Bill Gates from Microsoft and Graham Wood from have done. They now own much smaller stakes in their company - yet they are worth a fortune!

Capital 4 Business helps facilitate a "Small Scale Offering" where SME's are looking to raise capital up to $5 Million without a prospectus and with very few compliance costs.

You can list your company for a fraction of the costs of listing on the ASX and we'll show you

how to create an effective share capital structure that makes your company investor friendly and legally able to accept investment funds without breaching the Corporations Act.

We will show you the power of raising capital by creating an investor friendly "share capital structure" and you'll learn how to open your SME to a whole new way of moving forward.

Contact our office to book in for one of our free workshops or apply online.

"The businessman, who a decade ago sought financial and corporate privacy, is now more than happy to embrace public shareholders. It's a recognition of value and the financial leverage provided by the public company vehicle - the reason they exist in the first place."
-The Late Kerry Packer

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