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10 Things You
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Raise Capital

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Step 1 - Explore the Potential of your Business to
Attract Investment Capital

We help you 'set the numbers' for your capital raising. We look at how much capital you need to raise, how much of your business you are prepared to give up to attract the investment capital, how many shares you will issue to investors at each round and at what price and what the 'market value' of your business is as a result of this process. Business owners get excited when they see this 'Share Capital' structure because it unlocks enormous value for them and key stake holders.

Step 2 - Is your Business "Investment Ready?"

Few people succeed in raising capital by accident!

We help you make sure that your business will appeal to investors. We use proven systems that have proven results.

There are large numbers of cashed-up investors looking for exciting, emerging enterprises that are well-managed, show high potential for profit & growth, and who communicate their message and value passionately and convincingly.

There is too much competition for investor funds for you not to be properly prepared. All that will result in is disappointment and disillusionment. We need to make sure that you have the best possible chance of success of attracting investors.

An investor may like your business or business idea but they want to be sure that you have the necessary systems, people and processes in place to cope with the expected growth.

There is no shortage of investment capital - but there is a LOT of competition for it

If an investor has a choice between a business that is disorganised, with no real plans, systems or processes and another business that has sound management, good plans and financial projections - which do you think they are more likely to go with??

Step 3 - Prepare your Offer Document

When you are Investment Ready, we help you prepare your main 'sales tool' - the Offer Document.

The Offer Document needs to comply with the Corporations Act - it needs to be in a particular format and it needs to contain information about you, your business and the opportunity so that investors can see the potential and want to know more. The Offer Document is a vitally important tool in the process - so we need to make certain we get it right.

The Offer Document is the first exposure that many investors will get of you and your business. If we don't do a good job on the Offer Document, they will probably not want to look any further and move on to the next opportunity.

Step 4 - Promote your Offer to Investors

When the Offer Document is completed we can legally start to help you promote your offer to investors.
This can be an exciting stage of the capital raising process when investors are interested and you are presenting your pitch so that they can ask questions and see whether they think that you and your team are capable of delivering on your promises.

We need to work hard at this. Investors have a large number of choices for their money, so we need to be diligent and prepared to present with passion and conviction.

Step 5 - Take in the Investment Capital

When an investor gets to the point where they like your business or idea, they see the potential, they have met with you and like and trust you.and they have done their own 'due diligence', hopefully they will be ready to put their money and faith in you so that you can get on with growing or expanding your business.

This is the beginning of an exciting opportunity for you to grow your business.

Capital 4 Business will help you become investment ready so that you can attract investment capital.

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