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Entrepreneurial Business Owners:

Not sure if you are ready to give up equity in your business and bring in outside investors?

Still searching for how to grow your business so that you increase its value and earn more money and have more time and energy to enjoy it?

At Capital 4 Business, we also help motivated entrepreneurs who want to build their business, and see it increase in value yet are struggling to make more money and spend more time with their families.

Real business coaching for real business growth - GUARANTEED!

Most savvy entrepreneurs are inspired to build the business of their dreams because they love their products and services and they want to make a difference in the world through them. They want their independence. They want to run their own show. And, they want to enjoy greater financial rewards for their talent, enthusiasm, and risk-taking bravado. You may be one of them.

But without the right approach, building the business of your dreams can quickly become suffering the worst of your nightmares. Instead of your business supporting the life of your dreams, your life quickly becomes shackled to your business, all because you have become the business.

With the right blend of laser-focus, highly-leveraged strategies, powerful tactics, and comprehensive systems, action-oriented accountability and follow-through, you can build a high-value business that produces outstanding results and profits, day in and day out. You'll even feel confident in trusting others to successfully run it for you. And, that's the secret formula for maximizing your talents and skills, and fulfilling your vision for your life and your business.

With our powerful, proven approach to building your business, we guarantee that you will increase your profits, decrease your expenses, reduce your frustrations, deepen your satisfaction of being in business, and free up your valuable time and energy.

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Here's What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

When you work with us, you can expect to see measurable, significant results and desirable, sustainable changes in the way your business operates and expands. You will increase your confidence in your ability to guide, direct, and coordinate all the areas of your business that are critical to the next level of success. You and your team will participate more actively in decision-making, resistance and concerns about growth will be reduced significantly, and financial results will come with a lot less struggle and effort. You will have greater peace of mind knowing how well-prepared your business operates, with or without you there, and how strongly positioned you are for the future growth and expansion. Regardless of what your business growth experiences have been in the past, you and your staff will have the systems, knowledge, and tools to readily manage any and all challenges to your future success.

What Makes Us So Unique?

We help you to see your business 'blind spots.' That's where the gold is hidden. After uncovering these areas, we help you turn them into opportunities for business acceleration and growth.

We get a higher level of performance out of you and your business than you ever could by yourself. We raise the bar, and then support you in rising to the top. And our experience has shown that the more we expect of you and your business, the more you produce.

Our coaching approach is rigorous, strategic, structured, and intentional. We hold you to high levels of accountability and ensure that you follow-through on your promises and actions. We employ a structured approach to business building that accommodates businesses of all types.

Our coaching style is based on strategic, directional guidance, as opposed to situational coaching. Instead of asking you what you feel like working on, we direct you towards what to work on. Look, if you were an NRL rugby league player, you wouldn't show up at the training ground and tell the coaches what you were going to do in practice that day, would you?

Our coaching process and business systems are designed to keep you focused on your highest-purpose objectives and your strongest core competencies. Everything else gets systemized, then delegated or outsourced.

strong>We apply universal laws and principles of success to your business and your life. And, in a heartbeat, we'll switch in and out of coaching based on intellectual processes, to coaching that appeals to your intuitive business sense.

We quickly (and painlessly) resolve any limiting beliefs and paradigms that you might bring from the past, that are keeping you from your next level of business growth and expansion.

We coach you to build your business based on integrating leveraged strategies, solid financial management, reliable business structures, and strong foundational support - internally and externally - so that you take consistent, high-impact actions that produce desirable and reproducible results.

Through our unwavering commitment to your success, we provide an effective blend of coaching, education, structure, and accountability that supports you from start to finish.

So, ultimately, you build the business of your dreams and your business supports the life of your dreams.

Our coaching

At Capital 4 Business, we draw on our extensive and intensive business and personal growth training. We use approaches that leverage universal principles and laws of success. These methods, while structured, are adaptable to almost every type of business and situation. Our coaching is directional, as opposed to situational. In other words, our approach is one of proactive guidance and direction, rather than reactive coaching based on the emergencies, circumstances, and mood of the day. So, we address long-term strategies, along with handling the day-to-day business priorities.

We work with a select group of highly-motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our best clients are ones who...

These owners and leaders of business have three things in common:

  1. They have big dreams for themselves and an even bigger vision for the world. In fact, their dreams aren't just about themselves; they are about making a lasting difference for others through the success of their business. Yes, they want to produce more profits, with less stress, and have more time to enjoy it because they know this is one of the best ways they can leave a lasting impression upon the world.
  2. They have big hearts. Their passion comes from deep within and their underlying purpose in life fuels their desire to grow and expand their business profitability and successfully.
  3. They have a ton of guts. They have the courage to question conventional wisdom. They aren't satisfied with 'just good enough'. They are willing to go beyond what they can see and feel. They know that for their businesses to grow beyond today, they have to grow beyond who they are today. And, they are willing to invest the time, energy, money, and other resources to take this on.

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