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Are You an Entrepreneurial Business Owner Looking for Capital to Grow Your Business?

Do you also understand that successful growth will significantly increase the value of your business and your wealth?

Capital 4 Business helps a select group of highly motivated Growing Companies become Investment Ready so they can Attract Investor Funds to Accelerate Growth and Significantly Increase the Value of the Business.

We help dynamic, growing businesses looking to grow, and we present investors with great opportunities for direct investment into unlisted companies. In the past, the growth funding options for emerging companies have been limited.

Banks are too scared to lend - if they do, they want property as security and unconditional guarantees. Venture Capital firms are notoriously difficult to deal with and will likely want a controlling interest. Business Angels are hard to find and the chances of a 'fit' with you and your business are small.

However, it is now possible for you to replicate what big business does to raise capital, by giving up a minority share of your business to attract investment.

It is a revolution in the way that Small to Medium size Enterprises can fund their growth and a boon for savvy investors seeking unrivalled capital growth potential.

There are large numbers of cashed-up investors looking for exciting, emerging enterprises that are well-managed, show high potential for profit & growth, and who communicate their message and value passionately and convincingly.

Few Succeed in Raising Capital by Accident!

Using our proven systems to help make you Investment Ready takes you out of the also-rans, and into the spotlight from which the serious investors pick their winners.

If you are serious about raising capital to fund your business growth, and at the same time significantly increasing the value of your business and your wealth, then we can help.

We have all heard the stories.

A brilliant inventor or a hard working entrepreneur makes themselves and their investors seriously rich by successfully floating their business on the stock market.
This happens more often than you think.

However, it doesn't happen by accident. It is the result of a well planned and executed strategy that takes commitment, focus and pig headed discipline and determination.

You have Probably Heard About

A Brisbane based entrepreneur with a seemingly great idea, passion and commitment founded the companywith "a few hundred grand" given to him by a handful of investors who believed in his idea. 3 years later, on listing day at the Stock Exchange his holding was worth in excess of $100 Million, and so too was the shareholding of the early investors who put in a "few hundred grand" to get him going.

For too long though, this type of innovation and knowledge has been stifled in Australia by the lack of available capital and expertise to the SME sector.

Capital 4 Business is Helping to Change That

Are you up to the challenge?

Do you have the passion and commitment, the focus and the pig headed discipline and determination to achieve your dreams?

If so, then we'd like to help you succeed.

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